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Tim Weiss

63 years old, recently retire, and just learning to play? Yes, I know, it's a steep hill to climb, but Kristin has helped me navigate the path with a mixture of technique, positive reinforcement and good humor. And while it is personally frustrating to go out on the course and watch her in action, it's been the best way to learn not only how to play, but all the little things one new to golf might not know. It's very obvious just how much she loves the game and loves to teach it. 

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Erin Meyer

Why should you take from Kristin? I could drone on, but I won't.

Today's reason: She taught me to face my fears - bunkers- and look where I landed - that is me next to the pin!

Look for more from me! Go Walla!


Cindy Dillion

“I have been a pretty decent golfer for a number of years and avoided lessons like the plague.  I heard such great things about Walla that I took the dive into not only lessons, but at Walla’s suggestion, rebuilding my swing after a replacement of my left knee.  One lesson and I was hooked! I love the videos of my swing she sends me as well as other (better) swings she sends that are similar in tempo and shape to mine. Walla is outstanding on working on the mental game, which is a big challenge for me.  On the physical side, she keeps the information simple and is very sensitive to the way my body is able to accomplish a great swing.  I have had lessons from other instructors who could only tell me how to do it the textbook way and I could barely walk after from the pain in my knee. Walla communicates on several different levels not only demonstrating the concept and fine tuning my attempts, but we discuss how executing the concept properly feels to me and we identify the sensation that is key to what I am working on and how to repeat it. I am a work in process but my swing and my golf game have improved dramatically since I started lessons with Walla.”